Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tree Block Making

Today is Martinmas but we have been working very hard as a family to fill up the Little Acorn Learning  Etsy Shop so instead of lanterns we made Martinmas Tree Blocks today.  :)  Tomorrow the girls are home from school and we will have time to make our lanterns and do some baking together to celebrate the right way. 
 This is one activity that everyone gets involved in.  I have learned how to use the saw to cut our blocks.
The girls help by using electric sanders and sandpaper to make our blocks smooth and safe for our customers.

The best part, of course, is hunting for the perfect branches.  We were lucky today was so warm and beautiful.  It made for a fun hike in our yard to find the right wood to bring into the workshop. 

 The girls were able to play with the blocks as we worked.  Keira created this very cool Gnome Home... She doesn't know it but I hope to make each girl a set of blocks as one of their gifts this year too.
 And we have two beautiful sets on Etsy for sale of our blocks.  Each set includes 35 blocks of all shapes and sizes.  I think it is a perfect Christmas gift for a child to receive and we truly appreciate all of our customers who support our home family business all year long.  
 Brian has mixed emotions on us taking over his workshop on football Sunday where he likes to go watch TV.  
But I'd say it was worth it.  What types of gifts are you planning to give this holiday season?  Will you make some of your own?


  1. I think we will do almost 100% homemade gifts this season too, aside from some stockmar crayons and paints that need replenishing. I've been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to have the children surrounded by beautiful handmade items, that they too learn to create this beauty and appreciate the time that goes into creating something. If Mama can't make it, I'll check on Etsy and then and only then will I move on to the online toystores. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season on Etsy, we have tree blocks made from our crepe myrtle cuttings but we will be looking to see what else you offer!

  2. Oh yes! We make tree blocks here too!!!