Monday, November 5, 2012

Merry Halloween!

Despite having no power after the hurricane, we were able to enjoy Halloween with good friends and family.

We bought two nice pumpkins but one of them began to rot on the bottom so we were only able to carve one.  We've done this a million times but it never gets old, does it?
This year it was nice because Brianna is older now and able to really participate.  She worked hard to help trace the design on the pumpkin and empty the inside out with Maia. 
 Keira and Daddy were the carvers this year and they did an amazing job...
Don't you think?
 The girls and their friends Haley and Jake came up with a GREAT idea this year.  They decided to go trick or treating as a Christmas Theme together.  Maia and Brianna dressed up as Christmas presents :) 
Keira was an elf (check out those ears!)...
 Haley was a Christmas Tree and Jake was Santa.  They looked so awesome!  
 And don't worry, the grown-ups were sure to play along - we were all Santa's reindeer... 
 It was a fun night together of laughing and going door-to-door.  
Then we came back to the house and enjoyed a little Irish Coffee made with whatever supplies I could find in the house.  The hours flew by and the next thing we knew it was midnight.  Great times with great friends.  We've shared so many together and I'm grateful. 

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  1. ok, that was awesome. what a great halloween. :)