Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

With the knowledge of Hurricane Sandy coming our way, we prepared the best we could.  We cleaned up the outdoors and took in anything that could get hit hard by the winds.  We stocked up on extra water, filled our bathtubs and stocked our pantry.  We set up a little storm shelter in our basement, which is always our safe place when bad weather comes now (funny that I do not have one memory of having to do this growing up but now it is an annual occurrence).  We made sure we had enough candles, batteries, that our phones were charged, etc.
Living in Connecticut, we are just getting used to the major change in our weather conditions over the past few years.  Last year we had Hurricane Irene, some small tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and one odd snowstorm that wiped us out of power for more than 6 nights right in time for Halloween.... there is no question that the climate has significantly changed.  We hardly had a winter.  So, with a huge hurricane the size of Europe on it's way... we weren't sure what to expect...
The winds were so strong and it was scary.  I hated having Dee so far away from home during a storm like that.  I was worried - because I tend to worry a lot.  
 Sandy came and trees went down, power lines fell and the amount of rain was insane but besides losing our power, we were surprised at how it didn't seem like it was as bad as we thought it was going to be.  

 Little did we know how horrible things were elsewhere.  We just had no idea.  
We spent five days without power but had our generator to keep the refrigerator going, a little heat and some lights on.  We were the lucky ones.  Without access to the news and with very limited access through our I-Phones, we were disconnected from the truth of the devastation across our area.  We had an idea things were bad but we really had no clue how bad...

Now that we have survived the storm, we cannot believe our eyes.  The photos of the massive devastation - the roads and homes of LBI where we vacation each year - the people suffering without heat in this freezing weather - those who have lost everything but the clothes off their backs and those who have even lost their lives...
We are the lucky ones.  Our heart is so heavy for what has happened and we promise to do whatever we can to help the little bit that our family can.  

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  1. ((hug)) i am so glad you all are save. it was one wild storm, so much devastation.