Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Homemade Stockmar Fingerpaints

So you may wonder what types of things I do instead of sorting through my dirty laundry. :) Today at Little Acorn Playgarden we made our own Stockmar Fingerpaints.
Using a simple homemade fingerpaint recipe we added beautiful Stockmar watercolor paint to achieve the colors we wanted. Here's a helpful hint... do not tell your 10 year old to go ahead and add the paint and then turn around in the kitchen or you may end up with no Stockmar paint left like me... only a small drop or two is really need but in any case...moving on..
After your fingerpaint solution is cool and in containers add your paint (a small amount not like us!) and mix, mix, mix.
Until you have your colors.
Then put on your aprons and find a bunch of little fingers..
Make rainbows with your fingers...
Sing songs about Leprechauns or not...
And paint.



momto5 said...

oooh. what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Stockmar paints are NON-TOXIC! The curriculum must have been misinformed. That is so wonderful. Happy painting!

Sara: Love in the Suburbs said...

What fun. My kids love to get their fingers messy! What a great day this must have been.


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