Wednesday, December 07, 2011

So You Can't Afford a Waldorf School...

But what can you do?

~ You can create a healthy rhythm to each day your children live within your home.

~ You can keep the television and radio off while you are living, loving and creating together.

~ You can choose a select few open-ended toys, a special doll and playthings made from natural materials... keeping electronic, battery operated toys and video games to a minimum - if at all.

~ You can sing and make up stories together.

~ You can do your schoolwork outside on the deck and incorporate artistic methods for practicing and learning.

~ You can focus on all you CAN provide and remember how very lucky you and your children already are.

~ You can remember that the study of Anthroposophy was never meant to be only for the rich... that anyone who longs and strives to know more about the layers of the Self and the Universe around them is welcome to seek and find their own truth REGARDLESS of the educational model they choose for their children. It is not a club. It is for all to enter...Welcome.

~ You can cherish your role as caregiver, homemaker and Your Child's Very First Teacher as a spiritual task and sacred work to be done and set a beautiful example for your children as you do so.

~ You can choose to live within this world on YOUR terms, protecting what you hold to be sacred and true for your family. It is OK to say NO to what seems the rest of the world is doing but feels wrong for you... in doing so, you set the stage for others to follow - and will soon see that there are many more parents like you than you originally thought and you will find your clan wherever you are.

~ You can take care of your own health, interests, desires and creative energies first and be whole and complete to be the amazing parent you long to be for your children.

~ You can accept the fact that we cannot create a perfect world or scenario for ourselves or our children as much as we try. This world is imperfect and so are we. BUT we can work with what we have to create a BEAUTIFUL and FULL existence while we are here. There is beauty in diversity, embrace the world for what it is.

~ You can celebrate the Festivals and Holidays with song, crafting, recipes and community... creating memories and traditions that your children will carry with them forever.

~ You can choose natural fibers when dressing your children and always remember the importance of warmth.

~ You can be an advocate for all children in your community, your school and home and speak up to help create the change you hope to see in our world.

~ You can honor your spouse and work hard on your relationship with one another to show your children how family deserves 100% of our time, commitment and attention.

~ You can slow down... pass on a few after school classes, keep your weekends open and pull out a bunch of board games or go on a hike instead.

~ You can teach your children to appreciate creativity... to use their hands even when not using them may be easier... to knit.. to sew... to cook from scratch.

~ You can keep a seasonal table in your home and encourage your children to add to it with the changing seasons and festivals.

~ You can approach learning, homework or study more holistically - practicing multiplication by using rhythm sticks or sharing fairy tales that incorporate spelling words.

~ You can encourage and inspire your children's teachers and board of education with articles, suggestions, example and ideas.

~ You can volunteer to teach your children's class how to knit.

~ You can host advent spirals, lantern walks and other celebrations for your community or school.

~ You can light a candle and say a sweet blessing at mealtimes.

~ You can have special afternoon for beeswax play, another for watercolor painting, another for baking and so on...

~ You can spend a good amount of your time outdoors with your children.

~ You can remember that the World is ultimately GOOD and seek to find the goodness in all you do and wherever you are. Look for the beauty. It is there.

Good luck on your journey - whatever it may be.

I'd love to add to this list - please feel free to do so in the comments section below...

With love.

17 comments: said...

You can strive to be a lifelong learner yourself, and model to your children than learning new skills and new ways to express yourself through art, music, and language is rewarding and enriching.

I love this list! Well done!

Jenny said...

Great post. Waldorf education wasn't really available in our town( the school kept closing and opening and closing and now is gone altogether)so your list is how we raised our wonderful children

DL said...

Can you tell me anymore about beeswax play? This is the first time I have heard of it.

Autumn mama said...

Thank you so much for this post .... i grew up in a waldorf home and i attended a waldorf kindergarten... i remember it being wonderful and warm and lovely ... the way it was intended .... i was just thinking about this same issue yesterday .... you have inspired me to give a doll making workshop in my area for the mama's and caregivers that wish to learn ... passing along information that can be hard and expensive to find ... waldorf should be available to all who seek it ...thanks for the inspiration
much light and love to you

Bellina Bridal said...

We have a great school (not Waldorf) my 5 year old son attends and they are super sensitive to others and make life so nice, easier for me to send him to school! But, I do notice when at home, if we keep the tv off and play games, chat, tell stories, etc. my son has such great days! Children love to just chat one on one, for me, this is the best time of my life! Nice post!! :)

Kyce at Old Recipe said...

Yes! You can also bring in the developmentally appropriate literature that speaks to the child's maturing soul at the right time: fairy tales, legends, fables, norse myths, etc.

Heather said...

Love his post Eileen. Really great thoughts here.

Magical Mom said...

Eileen, this is fabulous! Hope you know how fabulous you are. Because lots of us know that you are amazing and wonderful and love all the beautiful ways you add to our lives.

Once a small seed said...

Thank You!

Shel said...

Such a great post! Everything about it resonated so deeply with me as this is how we have always been! This entire post is just spot on and incredible and I would love to print it out and frame it somehow! One of my favorite parts was: "~ You can choose to live within this world on YOUR terms, protecting what you hold to be sacred and true for your family. It is OK to say NO to what seems the rest of the world is doing but feels wrong for you... in doing so, you set the stage for others to follow - and will soon see that there are many more parents like you than you originally thought and you will find your clan wherever you are." I loved that so much that I made it my Facebook status and shared the link to this post on Facebook as well! Thank you for the gift that is this post!

TenderHeartMom said...

So great, I would love to send my children to a Waldorf school, but unless we hit the lotto its not happening. Love the tips to help them get the education, warmth and lifestyle I want while at home

ecoMILF said...

This is so beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, words and ideas. xo m.

Kelly said...

This is beautiful Eileen!

Little Acorn Learning said...

Hi, DL - Beeswax modeling material is a very soothing medium which is gently warmed by the child's hands or in warm water. It can then be modeled into most anything! Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone for your sweet and supportive comments. They mean so very much to me and it is very reassuring to know that we are all striving together to give our children the best that we can.


a mindful mama . . . said...

So lovely and inspiring! A great reminder. Thank you!

health and beauty said...

I love this list, this is all quite valuable. The study of Anthroposophy can be cloaked in heavy language and mystery, but there is so much basic, everyday life understanding to be had. I encourage everyone to learn more about the 12 senses and how the development of the foundational senses affects the higher senses. I can't afford our wonderful local waldorf school myself, but I am informed in my everyday choices by Anthroposophical ideas.

christine mills said...

Thanks so much for this post. It just reminds us of how much we can do at home.


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